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  1. 3 channel ecg machine

    Simultaneous acquisition of 12-lead ECG data ). Screen Display: 4.3 Inch LCD screen, 12 leads display and working Status display, 200 ECG Data Storage. Measurement & Analysis: automatic measurement and analysis. Recording Mode: 3CH, 3+1CH, 60 Sec Compressible waveform record. Record Paper: 80mmX20/30m.
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    The equipment supplied should be compact, sturdy, easy to use and should have the following features ECG Acquisition : Simultaneous 12 lead acquisition (standard) with automatic injection of cal signal and pacemaker detection. Frequency Response : 0.05-150Hz within 3dB Time constant :>3 sec Input Impedance :>50M Ohms Input Current : <50 nA Sensitivity : , , 1, 2 cm/mV automatic and manually adjusted. CMRR :>100dB A to D conversion : 24 bit Sampling frequency : 1000 per sec./channel Filters : Line frequency, base line and muscle filters Safety : IEC 60601-1, IEC-60601-2-25, Class I, Type CF ECG Recording : 3/6/12-Channels print format of ECG waveforms with measurement table of all 12 leads, average complexes, marking and interpretation statements. Mode of Operations : Automatic and manual mode of operations Printing Process : High resolution and high speed thermal print head. Paper Speed : 5/12.5/25/50 mm/s Patient Input : Fully floating and isolated, defibrillation protected Analysis : RR Trend, interpretation, arrhythmia analysis Storage : Built in memory to store more than 800 ECG events in PDF format, which can be retrieved latter on LCD screen or printed on printer.
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